Upgrade to look in the mirror
It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul . Sometimes , however, we looking into this mirror can spoil the impression of various disturbing factors – drooping eyelids , fat sacks , overhanging skin . These deficiencies may also help you eyelid surgery , which is currently ranked among the most desirable aesthetic . Your eyes will look after it better rested , fresher and more alert . Result of the operation is yet a long-term and patients are usually happy with their appearance for many years after the procedure.


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Unique laser surgery

Avelane clinic we use the most advanced eyelid surgery surgical procedure using CO2 laser. Compared with traditional operational procedures laser surgery allows greater precision , less postoperative pain and faster healing of wounds with no visible scar on the outside of the eyelid. Laser surgery shortens the operation time and reduces bleeding almost to a minimum , which also means minimizing swelling and bruising after surgery . In operation used metal shields to protect the eye from damage .
course of Operation

To improve the appearance of your eyelids to your liking , your female plastic surgeon nyc will recommend one of several surgical techniques . This choice will depend on many factors such as the amount of excess fat and skin around the eyelids, eyebrows , and the position of the state of the muscles around the eyelids . The operation involves the removal of excess fat , skin and muscle or fat is moved to remove the bulge or swelling . They may also be performed to correct for other modifications of special problems , such as muscle relaxation . Laser method is also the best method to smooth wrinkles around the eyes .
For whom surgery is appropriate

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Before surgery of the eyelids should be closely consider whether this is the most appropriate option to solve your problem .
” Often , the excess skin of the upper eyelid caused by reduced eyebrows . In such cases, eyelid surgery unnecessary interference and better solution is to raise eyebrows , respectively . front lifting to the clinic Avelane doing innovative endoscopic method. You can try it yourself in the mirror as Dr Robert Israel done. When you lift the eyebrow on the outer corner of the eye about 1 cm and a cap is adjusted , it is a better choice for you eyebrow lifting , eyelid surgery is not , ” advises Dr. Robert Israel , primary plastic surgery clinics Avelane .
Smoothing fine wrinkles around the eyes in turn can be achieved using botulinum toxin , chemical peels , mesoterapiou , hydroliftingom , but also by laser . Circles under the eyes caused by dark pigmentation may be treated with fillers , such as hyaluronic acid or fat as well as bleaching solution or chemical peel . On consultation only our doctors, Ernie Anastos, Dr Vickery, Dr Robert Israel can provide more information about how suitable solutions to your problems .